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Jun 25, 2015 Specification Of Main Material Specification For Multi - Span All Glass Greenhouse

Dec 20, 2016

Specification of Main Material Specification for Multi - span All Glass Greenhouse

1. Hot galvanized steel skeleton:

Wenluo three pointed greenhouses, the main frame stereotypes mold production, surface hot galvanized anti-rust treatment.

1) The structure of the greenhouse is gutter-connected multi-span assembly structure, Wenluo roofing and hot-dip galvanized steel, mainly composed of columns, trusses, gutter, girder and other components.

2) Column: the main column with □ 120 × 120 × 3.0mm hot-dip galvanized square tube; gable attached column □ 120 × 60 × 3.0mm rectangular galvanized square tube. Side wall attached column using □ 120 × 60 × 3.0mm hot-dip galvanized rectangular tube.

3) Peripheral purlins: around the purlin purlin □ 50 × 50 × 2.0mm hot galvanized rectangular tube.

4) the word beam: all-aluminum alloy material, all glass greenhouse profiles.

5) Gutter: gutter selection δ2.75mm hot galvanized steel sheet processing forming. The use of both ends of the drainage, and the end of the internal configuration of the external drainage pipes, to prevent the winter weather when the water pipe burst cold.

6) Gutter lower part of the condensate receiving tank in order to export condensed water, which can effectively prevent the condensate dripping directly to the plant foliage.

7) Greenhouse door: Greenhouse entry and exit doors need to be arranged according to the requirements of use and site conditions, such as: double-fan glass doors or double-fan PC sunshine sliding door, or automatic sensor door.

8) hot galvanized truss: welding assembly, after welding the overall hot-dipped galvanized. 12.0 m Truss upstairs □ 70 × 50 × 2.5mm square pipe, bottom chord □ 70 × 50 × 2.5mm square pipe, ventral bar 4 # angle steel; 8 m truss up □ 50 × 50 × 2.5mm square pipe, bottom chord □ 50 × 50 × 2.5mm square tube, belly 4 # angle steel.

9) Glass fixture: special aluminum alloy profiles with special aluminum alloy, external use of plastic strips as little as possible, because the strip has a certain weather resistance, a long time easily perishable.

10) greenhouse drainage: the use of both ends of the drainage, drainage gradient of 2.5 ‰ (base to find slope), and configure the rain trough φ110 PVC downpipe, the middle of the greenhouse between the middle of an additional row of auxiliary drainage pipes to prevent flooding Giant rain gutter.

2. Covering material:

Greenhouse roof covered with 5mm tempered glass, surrounded by 5 +6 A +5 mm insulating glass cover, the use of glass greenhouse special aluminum profiles, all aluminum connection fixed.