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Feb 29, 2016 Multi - Span Glass Greenhouse System

Dec 20, 2016

Multi - span glass greenhouse system

Ventilation System of Greenhouse

The greenhouse ventilation system includes a skylight ventilation system and a side skylight ventilation system. Rack and pinion continuous window system is often used in large-span multi-span greenhouse open window form, the system runs smoothly, safe and reliable. In this system, the geared motor rotates through the drive shaft with gears, and the gears are rack-and-pinion to reciprocate directly. And the rack end is connected with the support of the ventilation window so as to realize the opening and closing of the ventilation window.

Staggered rack and pinion window system: staggered rack and pinion window system and the Wenluo greenhouse ventilation at the top of the window, as the skylight open staggered, making the indoor air convection is maximized. 

External shading system

The greenhouse shade system can adjust the light to improve the indoor ecological environment. Under normal circumstances, the external shading system in the summer to reduce the indoor temperature of about 3 ~ 5 °. Shade shade net with folding, can reflect part of the sun, to protect crops from light burns. Outside the shade height of 5.6m, 70% shade rate of domestic folding black network (to ensure that the service life of 5 years), electric opening. 

3 internal insulation system

More than 60% of greenhouse heat loss is generated by the ceiling. Therefore, to reduce greenhouse roof heat loss, can effectively reduce the greenhouse heating costs of winter operations, and internal insulation system is an effective solution. Greenhouse insulation system, installed in the greenhouse under the truss on the string. Insulation operation principle and the same external shade. Good indoor climatic conditions avoid foliar condensation, reduce disease, and reduce energy costs. The weaving structure of the screen allows adequate water vapor transmission to prevent condensation on the underside of the curtain. 

4 wet curtain cooling system

Wet curtain cooling fan is to use circulating water pump uninterrupted access to the water inside the water tray out and through the water distribution system evenly sprayed on the evaporation filter layer, the outdoor hot air through the evaporative heat exchanger (evaporative wet curtain) And the water heat exchange, through the evaporation of water to cool, cool, clean air by the low-noise fan pressure into the room, in order to achieve cooling effect.

5 greenhouse heating system

Greenhouse heating system, that is, by selecting the appropriate heating equipment to meet the greenhouse heating load requirements. Generally by the heat source, the indoor heat dissipation equipment and the heat medium transportation system composition. Related equipment, including: boilers, pipelines, circulating water, radiators and a variety of control, regulating valve and other components.

6 mobile seedbed system

Mobile seedbeds can maximize the use of greenhouse area, greatly improving the effective use of area. In order to facilitate the placement of the finished seedlings, management, both ends of the bed are left aisle. Seedbed for the steel frame, aluminum frame. Seedbed characteristics: Seedbed material galvanized steel pipe, the height can be fine-tuned, can be any two between the seedbed produce about 0.6M of the work channel, frame with aluminum alloy, seedbed nets using the surface coating corrosion treatment. With anti-turn limit device, effectively improve the greenhouse land use efficiency, seedbed coverage area of up to 80% of the greenhouse area.

7 drip irrigation system

Drip irrigation is in accordance with crop water requirements, through the low-pressure piping system and installed in the capillary on the emitter, the water and crop needs nutrients drop by drop, even and slowly drip into the crop root soil irrigation method. Drip irrigation does not destroy the soil structure, soil water, fertilizer, gas, heat often maintain a good condition for crop growth, evaporation loss, does not produce surface runoff, almost no deep seepage, is a water-saving irrigation.