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What is the purpose of the greenhouse?

Hot Sale Plastic Film Single Tunnel Vegetable Greenhouse.jpgThe greenhouse is capable of transmitting light, keeping warm (or heating), and is used to grow plants. In the season when it is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide greenhouse growth period and increase yield, and it is often used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. in low temperature seasons.

There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different truss materials, lighting materials, shapes and heating conditions. The types of greenhouses include greenhouses, greenhouses, exhibition greenhouses, experimental greenhouses, catering greenhouses, recreational greenhouses, etc. The design of greenhouse systems includes warming systems, insulation systems, cooling systems, ventilation systems, control systems, irrigation systems, etc.

The greenhouse is a simple plastic film and bone structure knot, with few internal facilities and no high greenhouse requirements. Therefore, strictly speaking, greenhouses are more demanding than greenhouse equipment, and more advanced instruments may be used to strictly control temperature. But in a broad sense, greenhouses are a type of greenhouse. Its purpose is also to maintain a certain temperature.