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What is griculture plastic mulch film?

Nov 16, 2018
Agriculture Plastic Mulch FilmThe mulch film is a floor covering film, usually a transparent or black pe film, and also has a green and silver film for ground covering to increase soil temperature, maintain soil moisture, maintain soil structure, prevent pests from invading crops and diseases caused by certain microorganisms, etc. To promote the function of plant growth.


The agriculture plastic mulch film, but it works quite well. It can not only improve ground temperature, water retention, soil conservation, and fertilizer conservation, but also has many functions such as killing grass, preventing pests and diseases, preventing drought and mites, inhibiting salt and protecting seedlings, improving light and heat conditions on the ground, and making products clean and hygienic. For those seedlings that have just been unearthed, they have the effect of protecting the roots and promoting them. For the three northern regions of china, factors such as low temperature, low rainfall, poor ridges and short frost-free period have strong pertinence and applicability. They also play a role in planting two seasons of rice breeding and multi-crop cultivation. Popularized and applied in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country, used in more than 40 kinds of crops such as grain, cotton, oil, vegetables, melons, tobacco, sugar, medicine, hemp, tea, forest, etc., so that crops generally increase production by 30%-50 %, value added 40%-60%, welcomed by the majority of farmers.