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What is greenhouses?

Nov 09, 2018

The greenhouse, also known as the greenhouse. A facility that can be used to cultivate plants by transmitting light and keeping warm. In the season when it is not suitable for plant growth, it can provide greenhouse growth period and increase yield, and is used for plant cultivation or seedling cultivation of vegetables, flowers, trees, etc. In low temperature seasons. There are many types of greenhouses, which can be divided into many types according to different truss materials, lighting materials, shapes and heating conditions.

The types of greenhouses include glass greenhouses, plastic greenhouses; single-span greenhouses, multi-span greenhouses; single-roof greenhouses, double-roof greenhouses; heated greenhouses, unheated greenhouses, etc. The structure of the greenhouse should be sealed and insulated, but it should be easy to ventilate and cool down. In modern greenhouses, there are equipment for controlling temperature, humidity, light, etc., and the computer automatically controls the optimal environmental conditions required to create plants.

An indoor greenhouse cultivation device comprises a planting trough, a water supply system, a temperature control system, an auxiliary lighting system and a humidity control system; the planting trough is arranged at the bottom of the window or is formed into a screen shape for planting the plant; the water supply system automatically supplies water in a timely and appropriate amount. The temperature control system includes an exhaust fan, a hot fan, a temperature sensor and a thermostatic system control box to adjust the temperature in time; the auxiliary lighting system includes plant lights and mirrors, which are installed around the planting trough to provide illumination in the absence of sunlight, so that the plants can carry out photosynthesis, and the beautiful landscape is reflected by the refraction of light; the humidity control system adjusts the humidity and reduces the indoor temperature with the exhaust fan.

Plastic Film Single Tunnel Vegetable Greenhouse