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What are the types of greenhouses?

Dec 07, 2018
High Quality Greenhouse Exhaust Fan For Air Cooling Ventilation.jpgThe environmentally safe greenhouse is a kind of physical plant protection technology, environmental control technology and biological control technology. It can prevent plant diseases and insect pests without using pesticides or other chemicals, and can guarantee plants to avoid bad weather and physiological obstacles. Plant nourishing facility. Environmentally safe greenhouses are mainly divided into physical plant protection greenhouses and environmentally controlled greenhouses. The former focuses on the physical control facility configuration of pests and diseases in the whole growth period of plants. The latter is a greenhouse that is controlled by pests and diseases, physiological disorders, and growth environment regulation.

The environmentally-controlled greenhouse is based on a physical plant-protected greenhouse, supplemented by a greenhouse, temperature, light, and carbon dioxide concentration control mode. This type of greenhouse not only ensures the pesticide-free control of plant growth and long-term pests and diseases, but also ensures that it is cloudy or It can still grow or protect seedlings under extreme weather conditions. The growth environment auxiliary facilities include hot blast stove or soil heating line or wet curtain, space electric field generating system, fill light, carbon dioxide adding system, wherein the space electric field generating system has the regulation function of plant photosynthesis in addition to preventing airborne diseases. It enhances the photosynthesis intensity of plants in low light conditions.

The physical plant protection greenhouse is mainly designed with the physical plant protection technology integration system as the core of the plant protection facility. The soil pest control design is the electric treatment mode of soil continuous cropping obstacles, and the airborne disease prevention and control of the aboveground part is set as the greenhouse electric defogging disease prevention and promotion system. The established space electric field prevention mode and the prevention and control of flying pests are set as the combination mode of color, light double electric trapping and insect net, and the spiders such as red spider are biological control mode or purple suicide prevention mode.