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What are the greenhouse devices?

Commercial Greenhouses For Sale.jpgIndoor greenhouse cultivation equipment, including planting trough, water supply system, temperature control system, auxiliary lighting system and humidity control system; planting troughs are arranged at the bottom of the window or made into a screen-like structure for planting plants; the water supply system automatically supplies water in a timely and appropriate amount; The control system includes an exhaust fan, a hot fan, a temperature sensor and a thermostatic system control box to adjust the temperature in time; the auxiliary lighting system includes plant lights and mirrors, which are installed around the planting trough to provide illumination in the absence of sunlight, enabling plants to perform photosynthesis. And the beautiful landscape is reflected by the refraction of light; the humidity control system adjusts the humidity and reduces the indoor temperature with the exhaust fan.

The greenhouse is a building material for all or part of the enclosure material, which can be used to cultivate plants in the winter or other seasons when plants are not suitable for open field growth.

Greenhouse functional classification can be divided into productive greenhouses, experimental greenhouses, and commercial greenhouses that allow public access, based on the end-use function of the greenhouse. Vegetable cultivation greenhouses, flower cultivation greenhouses, and culture greenhouses are all productive greenhouses; artificial climate chambers, greenhouse laboratories, etc. are experimental greenhouses; various ornamental greenhouses, retail greenhouses, and commodity wholesale greenhouses are commercial greenhouses.