Polycarbonate Panels Greenhouse

Polycarbonate Panels Greenhouse
Product Details


●Type: Solid PC Sheet Cover Material Industrial Venlo Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Span Width8m/9.6m/12m
Top height4-6.5m
Gutter height3-5.5m
Bay size3.2M/ 4M
Cover MaterialPC Sheet, polycarbonate sheet
Polycarbonate8mm thickness
Steel materialGalvanized with zinc coat 275g/㎡
Delivery 35days after down payment
Place of Origin/ Port of LoadingXiamen, China

Polycarbonate Panels Greenhouse is abbreviated as PC board. It is made of polycarbonate polymer, advanced formula and the latest extrusion technology. PC board is a new type of high-strength, light-transmitting building material, which is the best building material to replace glass and plexiglass. PC board is more popular than laminated glass, tempered glass, insulating glass, etc., and it has become a popular building decoration material because of its light weight, weather resistance, super strength, flame retardant and sound insulation.


1.Abrasion resistance: PC board treated with anti-UV coating can improve the wear resistance several times and is close to glass. Thermoforming can be cold-bent into a certain curvature without cracking and can be cut or drilled. Anti-theft, anti-shooting PC can be pressed into a safety window with glass for hospitals, schools, libraries, banks, embassies and prisons, where glass can improve the hardness and wear resistance of the board. PCs can also be pressed with other PC layers or acrylates for traditional safety applications.

2.UV protection: It can prevent super strong ultraviolet rays. Only some single-layer board surface turns yellow or smashed under long-term sunlight. Also suitable as a low temperature resistant material. The PC board has excellent thermal insulation performance. Under the same thickness condition, the thermal insulation performance of the PC board is about 16% higher than that of the glass, which can effectively block the heat transmission. Whether it's warm in winter or prevent hot air intrusion in the summer, PC boards can effectively reduce building energy consumption and save energy.