Multi Span Greenhouse

Multi Span Greenhouse
Product Details


●Type: Large Scale PC Sheet Multi Span Polycarbonate Greenhouse  

Span Width8m/9.6m/12m
Top height4-6.5m
Gutter height3-5.5m
Bay size3.2M/4M
Cover MaterialFilm, insect net
Polycarbonate8mm thickness
Steel materialGalvanized with zinc coat 275g/㎡
Delivery 35days after down payment
Place of Origin/ Port of LoadingXiamen, China

The multi-span greenhouse is an upgrade of the greenhouse. It is actually a super-large greenhouse. The original independent single-room greenhouses are connected with the original independent single-mode greenhouses by scientific means, reasonable design and excellent materials.

The multi-span greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with users in its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The curved room top is beautiful and the line of sight is smooth. The structure has a small amount of steel and good insulation performance. The manufacturing cost is relatively low and it is an economic greenhouse.


1. Use of space Compared with traditional greenhouses, greenhouses and greenhouses in the form of continuous buildings are a brighter point than traditional greenhouses, and their utilization area is much larger than that of traditional greenhouses.

2. Management is more unified than traditional greenhouses, more scientific operation, saving time and improving efficiency.