Polyethylene Film Greenhouse

Polyethylene Film Greenhouse
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In the construction of polyethylene film greenhouse, the choice of greenhouse film is directly related to the quality of greenhouse greenhouse cultivation. The light transmittance of the polyethylene film greenhouse affects the lighting conditions of the greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse cultivation, and the thinness of the greenhouse film also affects the thermal insulation environment of the greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse. Therefore, it is crucial to select a high quality greenhouse film.

Model Number: TUC832

Span Width8m/9m
Top height3.5-4.5m
Arch Size25mm/32mm/42mm/48mm
Cover MaterialFilm, insect net
Film130 micron /150micron/ 200micron
Steel materialGalvanized with zinc coat 275g/㎡
Delivery 35days after down payment
Place of Origin/ Port of LoadingXiamen, China


1. Good dust resistance. Dust does not easily adhere to the outer membrane surface and is easy to clean.

2. Advanced processing technology. The thickness of the greenhouse film is required to be uniform, no break, no break, no obvious folding or distortion, no bubbles in the film, and no obvious "water grain" and "cloud" are allowed.

3. Good operating performance. The shed film is required to have a moderate width, easy to bond and repair, high strength, strong tensile strength and good ductility.

4. Safe to use, no pollution to the environment. Sunlight greenhouse film does not contain substances harmful to plants, human body and the environment. During the period of use, no harmful gases (such as ammonia, ethylene, etc.) are volatilized and harmful substances are precipitated. It is easy to recycle and utilize after use, and does not pollute the environment.