Modern Style Large Size Poly Film Agriculture Multispan Greenhouse

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Product Details

Modern Style Large Size Poly Film Agriculture Multispan  Greenhouse

The multi-span greenhouse is an economical greenhouse, which is popular with users in its beautiful arc shape and low cost. The curved room top is beautiful and the line of sight is smooth. The structure has a small amount of steel and good insulation performance. The manufacturing cost is relatively low, and it is an economical greenhouse. After the film is inflated, a thick airbag can be formed, which can effectively prevent heat loss and prevent the intrusion of cold air. The double-layer inflatable film can greatly improve the greenhouse insulation performance and save Operating costs. The top of the covering material is covered with polyethylene non-drip longevity film, the outer layer is UV-proof, and the inner layer is anti-collar; the surrounding can be covered with polyethylene non-drip longevity film or polycarbonate hollow plate according to user needs.

 ●Type: Modern Style Large Size Poly Film Agriculture Multispan Greenhouse 

●Model Number: EU860

Span Width8m/9m/9.6m
Top height5.5-7.5m
Arch Size60mm
Cover MaterialFilm, polycarbonate ,insect net
Film130 micron /150micron/ 200micron
Steel materialGalvanized with zinc coat 275g/㎡
Gutter height3-5m
Delivery 35days after down payment
Place of Origin/ Port of LoadingXiamen, China


Plastic film greenhouse

●European model multi span film greenhouse: European design, modern appearance, foundation needed, can meet advanced growing needs

●Economical model: economical multi span, no foundation needed, satisfy basic growing needs

●Tunnel : single tunnel agricultural greenhouse

●Modern appearance, special designing structure, high intensity, easy assembly, single film is suitable for tropic area while air-inflated film is suitable for frigid area.