Commercial Greenhouses For Sale

Commercial Greenhouses For Sale
Product Details

●Model Number: EM832

Span Width8m/9m/9.6m
Top height5.5-7.5m
Arch Size32mm/42mm/48mm
Cover MaterialFilm, polycarbonate ,insect net
Film130 micron /150micron/ 200micron
Steel materialGalvanized with zinc coat 275g/㎡
Gutter height3-5m
Delivery 35days after down payment
Place of Origin/ Port of LoadingXiamen, China


Heating energy consumption is a major obstacle to the winter operation of the commercial greenhouses for sale. Improving the insulation performance of greenhouses and reducing energy consumption are the most direct means to improve the efficiency of greenhouse production. The insulation ratio of the commercial greenhouses for sale is a basic indicator for measuring the insulation performance of the greenhouse. The greenhouse insulation ratio refers to the ratio of the coverage area of the greenhouse light-transmitting material with less thermal resistance to the sum of the coverage area of the greenhouse enclosure structure with larger thermal resistance. The higher the insulation ratio, the better the insulation performance of the greenhouse.

Greenhouse construction must consider its durability. Greenhouse durability is affected by factors such as the aging resistance of greenhouse materials and the carrying capacity of the main structure of the greenhouse. In addition to its own strength, the durability of the light-transmitting material is also manifested in the fact that the light transmittance of the material is continuously attenuated with time, and the degree of attenuation of the light transmittance is a decisive factor affecting the service life of the light-transmitting material. The general steel structure greenhouse has a service life of more than 15 years. It is required to design the maximum load for wind and snow load in 25 years; the simple greenhouse life of bamboo and wood structure is 5~10 years, and the maximum load for design wind and snow load is 15 years.