Roof Film Roll Up Motor for Greenhouse Ventilation

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Roof Film Roll Up Motor for  Greenhouse Ventilation



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Max Roll-up

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1. Delivery Time: 20days after down payment received

2. MOQ: 100sets

Performance characteristics:

1. The inverted chain shell is made of cast aluminum and is cast by precision die-casting. The raw material and casting quality are synchronized with the domestic first-line brand, and the surface precision is very high.

2. The inner chain of the inverted chain is provided with a self-locking device, which can realize the stop and start of any position during the opening and closing of the film winder without any auxiliary device.

3. The key parts such as inverted gears, gear shafts and two-way self-locking devices are made of steel which has been professionally heat-treated to ensure durability.

4. The inverted chain surface is galvanized and sprayed with double-layer rust protection. The standard parts are made of stainless steel.

5. There is a hole in the 2/3 chain of the inverted chain. When the rocker is installed here, the radius of the rocker is reduced, so the small space can also be installed and used.

6. The reverse chain speed ratio and torque design make it easy to use.

Application range:

Double-layer membrane greenhouse for internal and external side film, multi-layer greenhouse side film, single solar greenhouse film.