UV Resistant Ground Cover Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film

UV Resistant Ground Cover Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film
Product Details

UV Resistant Ground Cover Agriculture Plastic Mulch Film

Thickness: 0.02mm~0.1mm, the standard thickness is 0.02mm, 0.025mm, 0.03mm

Color: Transparent, Black, Black-and-gray double-sided.

Standard Width: 1.0m / 1.2m / 1.5m / 2.0m

Standard Weight: 10kg/roll, 15kg/roll, 20kg/roll, 25kg/roll

Function: Increase the ground temperature; Prevent weeds; Maintain soil moisture. Especially suitable for high temperature cultivation in summer and autumn. 

The selection of anti-grass film:

1- Transparent anti-grass film: Transparent anti grass film: In spring, crops like watermelon, bottle gourd, cotton, etc should select colorless, transparent film with high light transmission rate to increase the temperature to promote the growth of the crop. 

2- Black anti-grass film: Made of polyethylene resin with 2% -3% carbon black additives, with low light transmittance, can prevent the heat of the sunlight transferring to the soil. It is better than transparent film in reducing the evaporation of soil moisture and reducing the growth of weeds. In cultivate of low temperature crops like summer radish, Chinese cabbage and spinach, etc in high-temperature season, we can also select black film or Black-and-white film to lower surface temperature in summer and prevent crops from stunting because of the high temperature.

3- Black-and-gray double-sided film: One side is silvery gray the other side is black. Make the silvery gray side up to reflect the sunlight and reduce the film temperature; the black side down to suppress weed growth. With the great performance of temperature reduction and suppressing weed, it is mainly used to prevent diseases and heat proof in the culture of summer vegetables and fruits.

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