Irrigation Flat Emitter Drip Tape Oblate -Tube Dripping Line

Irrigation Flat Emitter Drip Tape Oblate -Tube Dripping Line
Product Details

Irrigation Flat Emitter Drip Tape  Oblate -Tube Dripping Line

Product Features:

1.The Water Margin: unilateral 4~5 meters, 8~10meters bilateral

2.Save 50-80% labor, 40-80% water, 50% fertilizer and increase production 10-30%

3.High quality raw materials of high strength PE from the German Basf Inc and ultraviolet resistance ratio 

4.Laboratory Simulated Ecological testing anti-aging life of more than 3 years, the actual use of the aging time longer; low supporting the water pressure, less energy consumption

5.Supporting pipeline water supply pressure [3~4Bar] lower, low energy consumption

6.Wall thickness thickened moderately, pressure increased ; Water Margin unilateral up to 4 meters ~5 meters;

7.Scientific aperture distribution design, smooth aperture not easy to block and high spraying uniformity, ensure the normal use in breezeless and breeze day, ideal for drizzle days

8.Designed for flexible use,easy to coil, no shortage for length 

9.Uniform irrigation, large irrigation area, increase production of 10-20%

10.Products passed the inspection of the national authority Chinese inspection department 

11.Easy storage and transportation,  simple and convenient for installation and the operation

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