Greenhouse Automatic Irrigation System Self-propelled Sprinkler Machine

Greenhouse Automatic Irrigation System Self-propelled Sprinkler Machine
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Greenhouse Automatic Irrigation System Self-propelled Sprinkler Machine


Generally speaking,one greenhouse uses one working track. One machine can irrigate a greenhouse. In order to save planting area, the transfer orbit usually set in above the greenhouse road. From the view of easy access to water and electricity,the area of the application of the sprinkle’s road layout in the end of greenhouse is best.


Model: 11002VP,11004VP,11006VP

Operation speed: 4—16.5m/min

Spray rod length: Max 15m

Working stroke: Max 120m

Water quality requirements: Municipal tap water

Water inlet pressure: 2—5kgf/ cm2

Nozzle form: Fast conversion of imported three bit ,spray angle of 110 degrees, the opening pressure of 0.7 kgf/cm2

Corresponding flow rate: 0.56 l/min,1.65 l/min,2.46 l/min(Corresponding pressure3 kgf/cm2)

(If the use of a single nozzle, the model is: 11006VP)

Flow: 2.46l/min (user option)

Nozzle height: away from crops ≥400mm

Motor power:250W

Input power:200v/ph1/50Hz

Outline dimension: length900mm* width900mm*385mm

Total weight: About 50 kg

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