Hydroponics Cultivation System

Hydroponics Cultivation System
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hydroponics cultivation system of vegetables is an existing soilless cultivation technique. The vegetables are fertilized by nutrient solution, and the nutrients contained in the nutrient solution are dissolved in the nutrients. Soilless cultivation requires a cultivation basin consisting of a liquid storage basin and a planting part. The planting part is used for accommodating and supporting the planted vegetables, and the roots of the vegetables are suspended in the cultivation liquid, and the cultivation is continuously carried out during the growth of the vegetables. Add the nutrient solution needed for vegetable growth to the liquid.

In the soilless cultivation activities of vegetables and special family planting activities, in order to increase the effective use of space and facilitate management, the cultivation pots are often placed on an upright planting device with a multi-layer structure, so that the multi-layer cultivation basins are stacked on each other. The space occupied by the small cultivation basin increases the output rate per unit space.

Different covers optional as follows:

A type cover:

Hole size: 5cm-10cm; Hole spacing: 20cm

15holes per cover (0.6*1.0m)

For fruit crops, cut flower, strawberry, medium&large leave vegetables---Fully hydroponics 

B type cover:

Hole size: 5cm; Hole spacing:5cm

60holes per cover(0.6*1.0m)

For small leave vegetables---Fully hydroponics; 

C type cover:

Hole size: 5cm; Hole spacing:5cm

56holes per cover(0.6*1.0m)

For very small leave vegetables, sprout, etc---Fully hydroponics; 

D type cover:

Cup Size: 10cm*10cm;Cup spacing:20cm-30Cm

4-6 Cups per cover(0.6*1.0m)

For Fruit vegetables like Tomato, Melon---Substrate(on cup) and hydroponics(on gutter) mixed system.