Electric Heater For Greenhouse

Electric Heater For Greenhouse
Product Details

Electric heater for greenhouse, a type of machine that generates heat by plugging in electricity, are often widely used for temporary heating in greenhouses.

The greenhouse heater is designed and manufactured by domestic leading thermal superconducting technology. Its main features are:

1. High efficiency and energy saving. Coal consumption is 25% lower than boiler heating and 40% lower than traditional coal stoves.

2. High heat transfer efficiency. The product heats up at a very fast speed, and it can output clean hot air above 80 °C in a few minutes after the furnace.

3. The investment cost is low. Compared with the boiler drying method, the investment is reduced by half, so the price is cheap. It is widely used in various greenhouses such as greenhouse greenhouses, flower houses, poultry animal breeding, workshop workshops and winter construction.