Full Automatic Agriculture Fertilizer Making Machine Fertilization Machine

Full Automatic Agriculture Fertilizer Making Machine Fertilization Machine
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Full Automatic Agriculture Fertilizer Making Machine The Fertilization Machine system uses industrial PLC control technology to achieve fully automatic and precise fertilizer dispensing. Full Chinese screen human-computer interaction interface. It can also communicate with the mobile sprinkler to achieve precise control of irrigation, fertilization and application.

Main technical features:

Pipeline connection fertilizer mode.

With Venturi fertilizer applicator, the fertilizer injector works reliably and is easy to overhaul. The system has three fertilizer injection channels, which can be configured with three fertilizers A, B and C, which can be extended to five;

The output flow of the fertilizer spreader is: 6-8m3/h, and the maximum can be configured with 30M3/h.

Control 8-10 irrigation solenoid valve outputs; (original with 8, up to 64)

Can set 10 irrigation programs and 8 fertilization procedures;

The required water supply pressure is not less than 0.2Mpa, the flow rate is not less than 8m3/h, and the output flow rate is required;

There are 8 external input control conditions associated with the first 8 irrigation programs.

It is equipped with PH value, EC value (1 set and 2 sets optional), pipeline pressure detecting device and system fault alarm output;

Equipped with a pipeline pressure regulation system to achieve a variety of pressure output.

The system has two metering methods: flow metering and time metering, and optical radiation flow can be selected.